Community Governance Review Update

As you are aware, Cornwall Council is undertaking a Community Governance Review for the whole of Cornwall to ensure community governance arrangements reflect the identity and interest of your local communities and work as conveniently and effectively as possible. This message is to remind you that the second consultation period is already open and to let you know what you can expect next.

The Council’s Electoral Review Panel has held a series of meetings to make its draft recommendations, based on submissions received during Stage 1 of the review and feedback received during Stage 2. On 10 December 2019 an extraordinary meeting of Cornwall Council took place and approved a set of draft recommendations which are open for  public consultation until 24 March 2019. The Council has made draft recommendations for each Parish in Cornwall.

To make it as easy as possible for all interested parties to respond to the consultation, we are additionally producing further detailed documents for each Community Network Area outlining the proposals considered so far for each parish in the area. Further background information about the review and the consultation process will also be available online, with hard copies on display at council offices (Libraries and Information Services) and available on request.

We are also in the process of organising a series of consultation information events which will take place from Mid February until Mid March for people to be able to find out more about the proposals and the consultation. The intention is for these events to be a combination of a drop in session and public meeting with opportunities for questions and debate. People will be able to ask questions and discuss any of the proposals under consideration across Cornwall.  Please click on link for details of when and where consultations will take place:List of Public Events

We are aiming to have the additional information and information about the consultation information events ready by the end of the month at the latest and will notify local councils directly as soon as this information is available. We are also seeking your support to promote Cornwall Council’s consultation and encourage residents to take part in it to express their views on the draft recommendations. We will make posters available for this purpose and can also make copies of the additional consultation information available to you on request.

To inform your Council’s response to the consultation, we expect many of you will want to canvas views of residents and directly engage local residents in considering the proposals. Where possible we will work with you to support your local engagement and we will also try to be responsive to requests to attend local meetings.

The Chairman of Cornwall Council’s Electoral Review Panel, which is overseeing the review, will be present at the forthcoming CALC AGM to provide an update on the process and respond to your queries.

For queries and further details, please visit, email or contact your local community link officer.